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Learn how to increase your sales conversions, meet more of your goals, and get more done in less time as well as other valuable ways to increase business and revenue...

using time proven communication strategies taught by John T. Moss, a 33+ year sales trainer and author of "The Millionaire Loan Officer".

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"Goal Setting and Time Management to Get More Sales in Less Time"

John will show you how to:

Set focused goals you can achieve faster to boost your sales and revenue with more dependability. / this is one of the most important things to master in your business.

Use your time more efficiently to get things done, leading you to your next sales sooner. / Time is the one thing you can never get more of, so get the most out of yours.

Use goals and time management to reduce your stress and build your business, allowing you to enjoy more of your time with your loved ones.

"Increase Your Sales Production By A Minimum Of 22% Without Increasing The Number of Leads You Call On..."

John will show you how to:

Increase Your Production by a Minimum of 22% / Use what you learn in John's training to increase your closings in any market.

Master Communication Skills which Build Immediate Trust & Rapport / You'll speed up your sales process while cementing stronger client relationships.

Leverage Objection Handling Tools that Lead to Closed Sales / Clients do not want to be sold, yet they love to buy/move forward, as long as you help them understand why you have the best solution for their needs.

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Tuesday February 15th at 6:00 PM CST
Goal Setting & Time Management
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"John, during the training and managing your dedication to do what it takes far exceeded my expectations as well as my client's. More than 600 agents were trained, 32 supervisors, and three assistant managers. I appreciate the long hours you spent each day training and rolling out the client accounts."
Kathy SiskOwner - Kathy Sisk Corp.
"Having you recommended to my division by our then company President, was one of the best things that happened to our division. You brought us your simple to use tools that have allowed us to have immediate and consistent improvements in our production and improved lead quality/quantity."
Richard G.V.P. Retail Sales for GMAC Mortgage
"After implementing and using the techniques I learned with John, I found myself a believer. His training REALLY WORKS! John really covers everything in a more detailed way than I've ever seen, showing how to deal with a diverse group of clients and expanding the LO's closing and service abilities."
Edwin D.Mortgage Specialist

About The Author - John T. Moss

If you want to learn sales skills and strategies which you can count on in any market, John is one of the Masters you want to learn from.

Mortgage agents have it easy today in this low rate environment. John's training was helping loan officers make serious money when rates were over 10%, with consistent results.

John is one of the most "ripped off" sales trainers in the mortgage industry. More than once John found copies of his training in mortgage offices integrated into their own manuals.

The reason for that is simple. What John teaches works, and it works in any type of sales in any industry. Because his training is about connecting to people and building trust, the right way.

John is the only mortgage sales trainer we know of who received a letter for compliant, ethical sales training from the California Association of Mortgage Brokers.
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