About The Author - John T. Moss

John is a well recognized sales trainer and the founder of the University For Loan Officers. He is also the author of, “The Millionaire Loan Officer” training manual using ethical sales methods.

John is the only trainer to receive a letter of recognition for his ethics and non-predatory lending practices from CAMB (California Association of Mortgage Brokers).

John is a direct descendant of world renowned Chief Silvermoon of the CADDO Tribe in Oklahoma.

He has witnessed the huge need for all the American Indians to become more self-reliant.

This led John to become the founder of a 501 C3 non-profit ( CASHCOMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT.OR) and to found NativeAmericanTIO.org to fund financial education and business development for Native Americans.

Years ago, John turned down a sports scholarship to help support his mother and 2 brothers. His mother had an accident and had lost her vision. John stepped up and stayed home to support his family.

John turned to sales to support his family and over time he developed his "hands on" techniques and skills he would go on to teach others.

John has constantly tested and evolved his methods with small start-ups to fortune 500 companies. He has originated sales, created loan steps from A-Z, client quality assurance, sold, trained, and built sales teams with his common sense approach in the mortgage and auto industry.

His methods have been instrumental in all types of sales/service call centers, from the ground up in the U.S., St. Lucia, Philippines, and India just to name a few.

If you want to learn sales skills and strategies which you can count on in any market, John is one of the Masters you want to learn from.

Mortgage agents have it easy today in this low rate environment. John's training was helping loan officers make serious money when rates were over 10%, with consistent results.

John is one of the most "ripped off" sales trainers in the mortgage industry. More than once John found copies of his training in mortgage offices integrated into their own manuals.

The reason for that is simple. What John teaches works, and it works in any type of sales in any industry. Because his training is about connecting to people and building trust, the right way.

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